Wikibraids is your home for information on Hair Braiding, Weaves and Extensions. Our mission is to raise the profile of Hair Braiding by putting forward and extolling the best practices within the Industry. We plan to do so by:

      Bringing to you  Education, Information and skills training. Wikibraids is aimed at offering education in the understanding of hair, hair extensions, hair products and accessories.  The focus is also aimed at arming you with the skills of Braiding, Weaving and adding Extensions to hair.

        Wikibraids is also aimed at making Hair Braiding, Weaves and extensions glamorous and professional.  We will bring to your knowledge information on  natural hair & extensions salons who  offer professional services of natural hair designing & grooming such as braiding, cornrowing, twisting, locking, fusion strand-by-strand extensions, weaviing.

What then is Hair braiding?

Hair Braiding is the interweaving of strands of hair.  This artistic skill of designing hair is simply another form of grooming hair just like the other grooming methods of hair cutting, brushing and hair dressing.  Hair braiding is an age old culture which started in Africa.  Hair braiding has now developed beyond the cultural divide which has been the case and is now a hair grooming technique that is practiced and appreciated worldwide on all hair types.  Celebrities and people of all cultures now braid their hair and this has led to the high demand for this skill as a thing of beauty and a skill for business.

This unique skill has only been taught in families and being passed on from generations to generations.  The demand by celebrities and the general public has led to the need for people to seek this skill in high proportion.  Braiding shops and salons are a rarity and most businesses especially hairdressing salons tend to combine the skill of braiding to their normal skill of hair dressing.  World of Braiding therefore intends to face this demand of training people of all cultures in the skill of braiding and encouraging them to take up the business of running their hair braiding salons.  Some of the celebrities who introduced hair braiding to the west include: Bo Derek who became known for her unique cornrow designs where she started the craze in the 70s.  Among other celebrities who have enjoyed wearing braids and designed natural hair include: David Beckham, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Lemar, Rio Ferdinand, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifa etc etc.


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